Paparazzi Boyz Photography emerged on the scene back in 2005, and quickly grew into one of the hottest photography crews in the industry. From rooftop parties to invitation only celebrity events, the Paparazzi Boyz took the game by storm, spotlighting and showcasing the sexiness at these events, while elevating the excitement of each and every crowd. Their entourage not only included patrons from past events and parties, they also were accompanied by their very own modeling team. This normally consisted of 4 to 6 female models, continuously promoting their brand.
Over a decade later, and with countless events to their credit, the Paparazzi Boyz continue to grow and re-invent themselves. In fall of 2015, the Paparazzi Boyz launched which is the first stage of their brand new and long awaited website. Over the years, the Paparazzi Boyz have handed out hundreds of promotional tees and tank tops. Their apparel line has amazed and captivated the masses, and their creative team has not failed to deliver. With a handful of events already booked for 2016, don't be surprised if you see a few international events added to their schedule. Continuously pushing forward, it's hard to say what the future holds for the Paparazzi Boyz, better yet, what the Paparazzi Boyz have in store for us !